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by m m posted 01/05/2017
"EP Way"


Eden Prairie Baseball - "The EP Way"

Culture is the foudation of success. Eden Prairie athletics have been fortunate to experience the fruits of that philosopy for many years. John Buteyn, the head coach of the EPHS baseball team, articulated his contribution to this philosophy through a presentation called "The EP Way".  Click HERE to view the presentation.

As the EPBA continues to contribute to the Eden Prairie culture, we would like to share our 2017 strategic goals, mission, and core values.

We all understand the level of commitment it takes to keep this program great. It starts with you, the selfless volunteer.  The one who loves kids, and this game. The one who puts your time and energy into something with no expectation of personal gain, other than the satisfaction of respectfully building relationships, putting others first, being accountable to your commitments and providing your best effort. 


1.       Make EPBA a great place to volunteer- Living our mission and core values.

2.       Streamline EPBA roles and responsibilities across our committee assignments.

3.       Focus on player safety and development with equipment, education, and opportunity.

4.       Deliver efficient and targeted program growth.

5.       Improve digital processes and communications.

6.       Provide impactful opportunities for our players to serve community.


Living our EPBA Mission: 

The Eden Prairie Baseball Association is dedicated to preparing children for life through the game of baseball and the accountable acts of our core values.

EPBA Core Values:


Respecting our community, players, parents, and opponents


Making others a priority


Delivering on your commitments


Giving your best effort


by posted 10/06/2016
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