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EPBA Coaching Information

The purpose of this section is to help coaches be prepared to plan your practices and give proper instructions to players.  Coaches should plan their practices so that all players are engaged during the practice.  Involve multiple assistants and employ as much parent/assistant involvement as appropriate for each grade level.  Minimize kids standing around and use multiple stations as appropriate.  Adjust practice plan to the numbers of helpers as necessary.  The below docement describes various drills for base running, fielding, hitting, outfield, pitching, and throwing.  Make a copy of the document and keep it in your bag to refer to in order to select drills which fit your practice needs.  The videos for these drills are intended for grades T-Ball through 3rd grade (although many principles apply to all grades).

PDF Version of document
Word version of document

Also included in this section is:

  • Concussion Information
  • Travel Baseball Rules
  • Community Baseball Information and Documents
  • Description and Video of the drills described in the above document.
  • Team Contact Information